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  • The form of the exam (written or oral) depends on the number of students in the course.
  • The decision on the form of the exam will be done in the first weeks of the semester and communicated here.
  • The next exam will be in spring 2018 (if in written form).
    • You'll find the exact date in the KIS system as soon as it is scheduled by the examination office.
  • Some notes on the written exam:
    • No tools, papers, books allowed. We will provide you with the exam sheets (on which there will be enough space to answer the questions). So it's just you and your pen ;-) (no red pens, no pencil!).
    • The exam will be in English only.
      • For master students: all answers have to be provided in English only!
      • For bachelor students: answers can be provided in English or German. However, switching between languages within a question is not allowed.
    • Master students will have to answer all questions, while for bachelor students some questions will be excluded (or marked as “optional”).
    • The grade of the exam will be based on the exam only.

Exam Registration

Please do not forget, that you must register for the exam at the examination office (“Prüfungsamt”)! Usually, the deadline for registering is 2 weeks before the exam. However, please carefully check this, because this may differ for some of you (you will find infos on this in the official examination rules).

Only in case you do not have to register at the examination office (“Prüfungsamt”), please send a registration email to Prof. Ebert at least 2 weeks prior to the exam! The email must include your full name and student id.

If you have any questions with regard to exam registration, please ask at the examination office!

HCI Exam Inspection (optional) -- Policy

  1. A student who wants to inspect his/her exam must register for inspecting his/her HCI exam using the KIS Office system. Only registered students will be allowed to inspect their exams!
  2. Students, who are not registered for the inspection, will not be allowed to attend the exam inspection.
  3. Students must show up at the very beginning of the inspection!
  4. The inspection is part of the exam, so the same rules apply for the inspection! Particularly, studends may not use any additional materials or devices, and they are not allowed to talk to each other!
  5. The student is granted a maximum of 30 minutes to inspect the exam. The student will be get his/her exam after providing his/her student id card to the inspectors. After finishing his/her exam inspection, the student has to give back the exam sheets in exchange for his/her student id card.
  6. If the student determines that an error occurred during marking, he/she has to raise hand and tell the task number to the instructors. The instructor will verify the correctness and, if necessary correct the result.
  7. A student may only inspect his/her exam once.
  8. There will be no further dates available for exam inspection (neither another “official” date nor individual appointments). Requests for a change of the exam date, individual exams, etc. will not be answered!

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