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Table of Contents


  • Contents
    • UI design and evaluation
    • UI prototyping
    • Current scientific research (research papers)
  • Dates
    • There will be no regular exercise classes :!:
    • All appointments will be defined individually per group.
  • Information wrt. exams
    • Exercises are not mandatory
    • But: it is highly recommended to do the exercises
    • Exercise topics will form an important part of the exam (up to 50%)
    • Without doing the exercises, one will most likely not be able to answer exercise-related questions. This will of course lower the chance to pass the exam!


  • The materials for the exercises will be provided electronically on this page (as soon as the exercise sheets are available). Accessing the material is limited to the University network, so you may need to login via VPN first.
  • Exercises
    • TBD

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