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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

WS 2017/18

Information contained on this page are continually updated and supplemented. So please visit this page regularly!

Latest information

  • Lecture
    • 22.11.17 Next lecture
    • 15.11.17 No lecture :!:
    • 05.10.17 Materials chapter 0-2 online

    • 08.11.17 Current status: Chapter 2.1 finished
  • Exercises
    • 20.11.17 Deadline for group building (12:00)
    • 13.11.17 Exercise group building information online (see Exercises) :!:
  • Exam
    • Spring 2018

Important notes

  • This HCI lecture is a master (entry) level course. It can only be taken by master students and Socioinformatics bachelor students!
  • The HCI lecture can only be taken, if you have not attended our department's HCI bachelor course of recent years!

Registration Guidance (KIS system)

The registration at the KIS system for the lecture is open now (Human-Computer Interaction, master course, INF-16-52-V-6). Please sign in as soon as possible! We will use the KIS data and mailing list option for the distribution of important information!
The deadline for the registration is November 3, 2017!

Remark: This registration does not replace your registration at the examination office for the exam.

Tips for registering:

  • Login to KIS Office: KIS Office
  • Search for lecture “Human-Computer Interaction” (Computer Science)
  • Add dates to calendar!
  • In addition, perform all steps to register (“Anmeldung”)!

The direct link to the lecture in the KIS system is: KIS-Link

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