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Prof. Dr. Hans Hagen

Phone: +49 (0)631 205-4071

Room: 36-219

Mail: hagen@informatik.uni-kl.de

Research Interests

Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics

  • Topology based Visualization
  • Vector- and tensor field visualization
  • Information visualization
  • Interactive real-time visualization
  • Visualization of large unstructured data sets
  • Virtual reality simulation

Geometric Modelling

  • Variational Design
  • Physically Based Modelling
  • Simulation Based Modelling
  • Interrogation Techniques and Quality Analysis
  • Scattered Data Methods


  • Graduate courses in scientific visualization
  • Graduate courses in computer graphics
  • Graduate courses in geometric modelling
  • Undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science
  • Undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics



T. C Gillmann
Hierarchical Image Semantics using Probabilistic Path Propagations for Biomedical Research
in IEEE computer graphics and applications, T Wischgoll, H Hagen, R Maciejewski, 2019
D. P Gospodnetic
Ocean Current Segmentation at Different Depths and Correlation with Temperature in a MPAS-Ocean Simulation
PJ Wolfram Jr, MR Petersen, H Hagen, 2019
F. Claus, F. Rupprecht, H. Hagen
Online Simulation Considering Production Uncertainties to Improve Assembly Quality
NAFEMS World Congress, Quebec City, Canada, 2019, June
A. Marro, M. Langbein, F. Rupprecht, H. Hagen
Circle based curvature driven meshing algorithm
in Journal Graphical Models, Elsevier journal, 2019, submitted