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CVT Programming Project

Nr. Title SWS Date Location Begin


CVT Programming Project


Friday 11:45- 13:15




apl. Prof. Dr. Achim Ebert, Roger Daneker

Contact Person

Roger Daneker


The programming project builds on the fundamental programming skills taught in the introductory course. The project aims at learning in-depth programming skills along with designing and organizational skills in a small group environment. Topics presented in depth are, for example:

  • Functions and Classes
  • Variables, Datatypes
  • Structures, Repetitions, Loops
  • Data Structures
  • Data Abstraction and Object-Oriented Design
  • Pointers and Dynamic Data Structures


Mandatory: "Pre-course" "Introduction to C++" must be passed before attending this course. This introduction course will take place within the last 2-3 weeks of the semester breaks.


  • Dale, N.: Programming and Problem Solving with C++, 6th edition, Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2013
  • Friedman, F.L.: Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design Using C++, 6th edition, Pearson, 2010
  • Gaddis, T.: Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, 8th edition, Pearson, 2013